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A TEA Party Affiliate. We are a grass-roots organization of concerned citizens focused on the principles of our "Founding Fathers" and OUR great Constitution. We intend to educate others about pending legislation, to recruit friends and family to join our cause and ultimately to protect our civil liberties.  



Why Tea Parties? The Trillion $ Question.


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webmaster: Robert Bruce Alexander, alexanderofyork@yorkteaparty.org



Bye-bye Obama!

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  • Glenn Beck's Challenge for Americans after the AZ Tragedy I denounce violence, regardless of ideological motivation.I denounce anyone, from the Left, the Right or middle, who believes physical violence is the answer to whatever they feel is wrong ...
    Posted Jan 10, 2011, 6:04 PM by K. Phillips
  • Tea Party Express Chairwoman Amy Kremer statement following the AZ attack: "These heinous crimes have no place in America, and they are especially grievous when committed against our elected officials. Spirited debate is desirable in our country, but it only should ...
    Posted Jan 14, 2011, 11:55 AM by K. Phillips
  • Jamie Radtke Files Notice of Candidacy   Jamie Radtke, founder of the Virginia Tea Party Federation, has announced her bid to run for Senate.    Read more in the Richmond Times:  http://www2.timesdispatch.com/news/virginia ...
    Posted Dec 29, 2010, 6:29 AM by K. Phillips
  • Virginia Bill Asks For Tea Party License Plate   "Don't Tread On Me" soon may become an oft-used expression on Virginia roads. A state lawmaker is proposing a bill to create a license plate for Virginians to ...
    Posted Nov 13, 2010, 6:17 AM by K. Phillips
  • Federal Reserve Protest – Fri 11/19   Please join Campaign for Liberty to protest the Federal Reserve on Friday, November 19th from 11:30AM – 1:00PM. The Protest will be held at the Federal Reserve Building in ...
    Posted Nov 18, 2010, 4:58 AM by K. Phillips
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